Meet April

I’m honored to run to represent the 44thDistrict in the Washington State House of Representatives. I have the experience to improve the economic and educational outcomes for everyone in our growing community.

Our family has lived in Snohomish County for more than 20 years. My children attend Western Washington University, Jackson High School and Heatherwood Middle School in the Everett school district. Two of my children have graduated from the University of Washington.

My experience in elected office began when I was elected the first African American and youngest student body president in the history of Oregon State University. Soon after I was appointed by the Governor as a student representative to the Oregon State Board of Higher Education. 

As an Aerospace Program Manager, I was the lead negotiator for audio systems long term contracts, product support agreements and special business agreements. I developed negotiation strategies based upon supplier proposal analysis and I documented procurement decisions, created contract correspondence and administered contract changes between the company and suppliers. In addition, I lead a cross-functional team that built project support across multiple organizations. 

As a small business owner, I owned and managed The Edmonds Inn: Bed and Breakfast.  Building and running a business that allowed me to serve business travelers, honeymooners, faith leaders, world famous tour guides and folks that needed a place to lay their head after a tragedy, taught me how to be a servant leader.   

As a Planning Commissioner for the City of Mill Creek, I have worked collaboratively to support existing and future businesses, improve transit connectivity and worked to accommodate growth and housing choices.  

As a School Board Director for the Edmonds School District in 2014 and the Everett School District (currently), I’ve been able to shape educational policy.  In these roles I helped to increase the recurring teaching and learning budget by $800,000 to allow for regular textbook replacement, ensuring that students receive the most up to date information and to align the district with national guidelines. I also worked to develop a comprehensive school garden policy that gave all schools the access and tools to establish school gardens to engage students with hands on learning in science, math and nutrition. I worked to make schools safe and inclusive for all students and to address disparities that can negatively impact students throughout their educational journey. In addition, I used my position to advocate for students facing unthinkable challenges that stalled their educational progress, helping them gain access to alternative educational opportunities to complete high school. 

As an African American woman, I bring a perspective of inclusion to the legislature. I've had the opportunity to work collaboratively with many diverse groups, including communities of color, people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, first generation college students and the LGBTQ+ community. 

Together. We Can.

April Berg